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Land Cargo Logistics Services

Servicio logístico de carga terrestre Costa Rica

From Colon Free Zone, Panama to Costa Rica.

Departures from the Colon Free Zone, Panama
  • Departures once a week 

  • Collection method: Percentage on the original purchase invoice.

  • Transit Time: 2 to 3 days

  • Deliveries to your home. 

Shipping details

  • You must request your ground cargo shipping code, to be placed on the merchandise to be imported. 

  • When making purchases from the supplier of your choice, you must request a transfer of merchandise to the warehouse.Las Vegaswith their respective previously assigned customer code.

  • Departures once a week

  • It is important that the data is entered correctly to avoid cargo loss.

  • Inform your UCL Logistics agent at the time the cargo is transferred to our warehouses for its respective monitoring.

  • Pre-alert the tracking numbers once they are delivered to our warehouse at the following link: 

Servicio logístico de carga terrestre Costa Rica

Address of our collection center in the Colón Free Zone:

  • Transfer: Key R8050

  • Company: Thomas International

  • Merchandise delivery: servitude

  • Location: Free Zone, 18th Street, next to the Las Vegas Wineries

  • Panama.

Servicio logístico de carga terrestre Costa Rica

Pre-alert your packages through our pre-alert form

Avoid delays in your delivery

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