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I trust my purchases

We make your International Purchases easy: UCL Logistics Online Purchase Management Service

Do you want to buy from international online stores but feel insecure or do not have the necessary payment methods?

Full service

With UCL Logistics, that is no longer a problem. We offer a complete online purchasing management service so you can purchase products from anywhere in the world without complications.


If lack of experience or not having a credit or debit card has stopped you, we are here to assist you.

Compras en Línea Costa Rica
Servicio Logístico de compras en Línea

Our process is transparent and direct

You tell us what you want to buy and we take care of everything else.


We make the purchase on your behalf, we take care of the procedures and we guarantee delivery to your home.


It is the easiest, simplest and safest way to enjoy the benefits of global e-commerce without worries.

Trust your purchases

With UCL Logistics, you have the world at your fingertips.


Trust us with your international purchases and receive them in the comfort of your home.

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Servicio de compras por internet, Costa Rica

The international purchasing management service ofUCL LogisticsIt is designed to be accessible and easy to use.

Get started by filling out our online form. This is your first step to tell us what products you would like to purchase, including direct links to the items of your choice in the online store of your choice.

Order form:

Once we receive the information, we will send you an email with a breakdown of the total cost. This will include the purchase price of the product and the costs associated with the import so that you have a complete and transparent view of the process.

Detailed Quote:

After reviewing and accepting the quote, you will be able to pay the total cost of the product through a transfer to our bank accounts. This will officially confirm your order and we will launch the purchasing process.

Payment confirmation:

The cost of shipping your package to Costa Rica will be calculated based on the weight in kilograms and the volume of the package. This method allows us to provide you with the fairest and most economical rate possible.

Shipping Calculation:

You won't have to worry about import costs until your package arrives in Costa Rica. At that time, you will make the final payment for the import when you receive your items.

Payment upon receipt:

Our process is designed to give you peace of mind and security, ensuring that your international purchases arrive directly to your door without surprises or hidden costs. With UCL Logistics, shopping around the world is as easy as shopping at your local store.

Enjoy your purchase:

Las compras en línea
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Fill out the following form with as much clarity as possible in your descriptions.

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